Sticking to the plan…

So I promised once a month. and I’m trying

I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks, but overall a stressful couple of weeks. Somehow I manage to keep up with my tv shows when I’m eating. Anyway, so today, I wanted to mention a couple of things.

a) Mercury has water in its pole craters, well ice. How freaking cool is that?! Water on Mercury. dafuq?! And they think that there are these cm thick blacked parts on top of some of the ice that is probably made up of organic material. An article that I read literally said that they have to rewrite textbooks. :D Science FTW!

a.5)NASA’s discovery not be told is killing me

b) Two things happen that got me thinking about who I am. 1- my five year high reunion that I was unable to attend and 2- I listened to Toxicity by System of a Down. People who know me today, met me in the past 4 years have no idea who I was in high school. An obvious fact, really. But really think about it. Think about who you were in high school. Think about what you wore and what you cared about and the kind of music you listened to and the friends that are no longer in your life. And now think about the people that know you today, what they know about you. What do you they think is the real you.

For me, the real me seems to be unchanging. no nonsense, blunt, and somehow a hopeless romantic and a hippy at soul (in a normal way not a bizarre way).

What people today don’t know about me, the me that listens exclusively to the top 40 and the Indian music pandora station:

I like System of a Down.



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2 responses to “Sticking to the plan…

  1. I didn’t go to the reunion, either. Guess we’ll have to go to the 10 year one…

  2. Oddly enough I think I may have gone to it. The great american pub in conshohocken??

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